Non-creative types

How does creativity transpire in the minds of mere mortals? Is it a thunder of genius that strikes the brain willy-nilly, haphazardly, any time it pleases? Is it a science, the formula to which is only dispensed to the most dedicated of inquirers? Unoriginally I want to say: "I believe it is a combination of the both divine inspiration and hard work."

But wouldn't it be wonderful if someone would set the record straight once and for all and say: "Actually no, creativity is a direct result of a complex and precise chemical makeup in the Medulla oblongata: You've either got it or you don't.

If you've got it, go paint the sky with the colours that spill out from your arteries.

If you don't, just give it up. Put on your mustard tracksuit from the 90s, and prepare for a life of absorbing and filtering experience via your spleen, yawning your day's allotment of breathe away. Don't bother trying anything new, it's all been done before, by other people. Don't you dare even think of reading up on a new area of work or play - you'll only discover that it's a lot harder than you think. And most of all do not talk to people, ask questions or listen to anybody - what's the point; surely no-one has thought thoughts that could have any impact on your perspective. And even if anyone did have challenging ideas to share, you are not capable of processing these in any useful way, as they will be relegated to your spleen to be dried and then incinerated in the crematorium of your desolate soul.”

If only someone would say THAT! Then I wouldn't feel so bad closing the curtains, switching on the TV and shutting out the new things stirring up in me.

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