Simple things that make me happy

roses from my parents' garden

1. I think I have discovered what eating a rainbow would taste/feel like.
A mouth FULL of colourful 100s and 1000s. Yes, I currently have a mouth FULL of 100s and 1000s and it feels wonderful.

2. Mat has gotten into subliminal advertising. The other night he spent a good half hour "sending" messages to me via, the throw cushions, my laptop and anything else he could pick up and hold in front of his face as he hauntingly chants "driinnnkkk coca colaaa..." or "getttt maaat a cooooookie..." I think he has confused subliminal messages with being a ghost.

3. The ending for my novel has struck me suddenly and so haphazadly that I feel like if I hadn't been paying attention it would have totally missed me. I like that.


  1. Those roses look like something from an old time romantic movie. They are the perfect antique pink.

  2. They are lovely. I love the little holes made by hungry bugs.

  3. I want to know what a rainbow tastes like. what's 100's and 1000's??? Also, congrats on the ending for your novel. Must feel great!

  4. Thanks Lady noire, I'll tell my step-dad.

    Jaeve + Things - 100s and 1000s... maybe you call them sprinkles, they're those tiny coloured candy balls that you sprinkle on cupcakes etc. I was thinking about baking but decided pouring half a bag of sprinkles into my mouth was a better option....for everyone. I had an idea for the ending for my novel, but I haven't quite written it all out yet!