Ships Ahoy

On Tues night I had an Iced chocolate in the city with an old university acquaintance. I got in touch with him specifically to talk about his Ship fanatiscism! For those out of the loop, part of my novel involves a great deal of oceanic travel, my experience and knowledge of which is roughly zero, or there abouts.

We took the same "History and Terror" (or something exciting like that) class. He had this incredibly thick eyebrow (yes singlular, it is a marvelous thing) and in the tutorial ice breaker he introduced himself as a "ship nerd". Yeah, it's safe to say he was immediately immortalised in my hall of legends!

Back to Tues night, we spent an hour and a half talking about my novel's plot (or lack there of) and emerging themes and of course possible ship/ocean/geographical scenarios. I have never felt so excited about ships, particularly cargo ships... pirate ones! I learnt about how ships travel through the Suez Canel, ship crews, container ships and so much more! He also very generously gave me a list of fiction and non-fiction books to and articles to read/research.
Talk about highlight of the decade!

This is just one of the great things about a big writing project - the people you gather and take along for the ride!

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