Just say no

I would say I'm a pretty accepting person. I try, as best I can, not to judge. But when it comes to crocs, I can hold my silence no longer.

They may look cute on the itty bitty feet of toddlers, but if you are over the age of five - I have one question... Why?! Look, I'm generally all for quirky, but wearing plastic clogs that resemble cartoon character feet is really pushing the envelope.

Arguments for include: "oh but they're so comfy!" Well so is walking around in your knickers on a hot day, but you don't see many people flaunting it in the streets in their tighty whities, do you? "Comfy" is for the privacy of your own home, nobody needs to see that.

Of course, I have my own fashion faux pas, for example, my schoolgirl-esque leather shoes. I was going through a red, t- bar thing… I don't really want to talk about it. The point is I recognised the error of my ways and moved on.

If you are wearing crocs as you read this,  and you find that you don't really care what some obscure person (and good taste generally) think of your footwear, then good for you. I'm sure you and your crocs will have a wonderful life together.

If after reading this you think; "Wow no-one has ever told me they look that bad, but now that I think about it, they do kinda look like Barney, that lovable purple dinosaur's feet." Then, you're welcome, go forth and croc no more.

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