By now you are wondering, as I am, if I'll post any of my fiction here. Well that is a little presumptuous, we barely know one another!
Posting my creative writing would mean two things for me:

1. I would need to actually make the time to write and finish this book. No I don't feel like doing that. Yes it is akin to jabbing oneself repeatedly in the eye with a dry stick.

2. It would mean that I would have to finally get over this thing I have about people reading over my shoulder as I write.

3. I know I said two things, but now I have three points, so just relax. Thirdly, I will have to put to death my fear of criticism. Which, honestly is a stupid fear to have, due to the plain fact that you can't please and delight everyone, and sometimes you just can't please anyone.
So as you can see there is much to grapple with, therefore the answer is to be confirmed.

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