What is limiting?

The other day at the movies I saw a young woman with an amputated leg. I’ve only ever seen older men with amputations, so seeing someone in my age range in that position caught me off guard. She didn't look sad; she looked like she was just waiting for her friends to show up so they could go catch Twilight, or whatever it was.

But I couldn't help thinking about what her life might be like. Would people stare or feign nonchalance so as not to offend, as I did? Did she feel regret or anger or depression? Is it something that happened recently or so long ago she barely remembers the event? Is she missing out on so much that I take for granted everyday?

OR is she confident, putting the past behind her, and looking eagerly to the future? Facing her daily challenges with a mighty resolve? I hope so. Maybe she is making her greatest weakness her greatest motivator like so many other people with disabilities who live that conquering kind of life!

Right now it makes me think: I have two legs, I can stand firm. I can run and leap. What's my excuse?

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