An ode to my mother

What is an ode? I'm not entirely sure. I should probably google terms before I throw them around. But I think I'm getting to the point where my head is so full of useless information that I have to set daily quotas of input, lest I explode.

Okay wait, I couldn't handle not knowing, so I googled ode and it turns out  that it's a bit too poetical for what I'm aiming for here. I'm going for more of a memory of my mother that reminds me of her character and innate goodness, which make me muse on how much I admire and love her. But that's far too long for a blog title, and not nearly as fancy as ode.
Okay now I've spent too long banging on about this and I've probably lost all your interest in what is actually a rather beautiful, moving and inspiring story...if I do say so myself.

So I'm going to end it there and start again some other time.

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