angry graffiti


In keeping with my train traveling theme, here's an interesting piece of train literature graffitied in my carriage this morning:

Be silent.

I'd like to think culprit was an angry 18 year old who'd just read The Communist Manifesto for the first time. I love those impassioned young socialists, they made university so colourful and scary.

Most likely it was in fact that crazy old dude who screams "fascist bastards" at the automated CityRail announcements.

Either way, it was strangely moving to see this message scrawled next to dozens of suited, bored, bleary eyed commuters.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was just reading through yours and I completely understand your fight with your protag... it took mine forever just to tell me her name, stubborn thing! They can be so difficult when they know they've got you wrapped around their fingers. :/ I love your train stories! What a great place for observation and story seeds!

  2. Hi Lindsey, thank you! I've been waiting for someone to pipe up and say: yeah been there with my protag, but don't worry it gets better. That is what you're saying right? It gets better?? hopefully! Yes, I hope I get to use some of my train characters fictional or real soon!

    Hannah - I went to you site and found it! Very cool, I'll try to post something soon!!

  3. Hey, found you through Palindrome...

    I love that little bit of graffiti. You can almost taste the story in it. Mmmm. I should go write now.

  4. It's so interesting to read graffiti! That was pretty angry. Once when I was studying in the library at school, I found this long-winded rant scratched into the desk about spoiled college kids complaining about dumb things like tests and homework when people out in the world didn't know where their next meal would come from. It amused and made me sad at the same time.

  5. @AchingHope - welcome! hope to see some of extracts of your writing on your blog!

    @Julie Dao - Yes, I found the graffiti poetry/musing/sketches in my university library hilarious, sad, completely distracting but usually quite articulate.

  6. Oooh, trains! I wrote a poem using train imagery earlier this week. It's on my blog, entitled, "I fear one day."