Inspire me

I'm still around the start of editting my first draft of my WIP novel and all is going well (read so so awful, I want to cry myself to sleep right now.) I've got to keep reminding myself that there is something good in this novel and that I am able to pull it together! 

Yes, it's hard going, but it has also been a good time to distract my self with some beautiful novels like Tony Morrison's A Mercy and Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger - reviews coming soon. I'm also distracting myself with beautiful things. I'm currently putting together an inspiration board with images, textiles and objects that... well, inspire me.  Really I should say, I've been fighting with the inspiration board ( it keeps falling off the wall)! 

In anycase, here are a few collections that have delighted me...

 via vee*

via sandra

What do you use for inspiration?


  1. Wonderful images. :)
    I'm inspired by music, nature, fairy tales, watching and listening to people. I never know what will create a spark.

  2. Great photos. I usually use music. Some music helps me see certain scenes very vividly.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Beautiful pictures, so inspiring!

    I find my inspiration in magazine editorials, travel books, buildings and interior design books. Even from sitting down at the beach and watching the waves crash, I come up with many ideas. I think it's just a peaceful place where I can think with a clear mind :)

    And in reply to your comment on my post, I have applied for a double degree in science/education.

    Have a fabulous weekend! xxx

  4. Inspiration boards are awesome!
    But in the editing of a first completed novel you also need craft books, directions, outlines, the nitty-gritty. Maybe a plot? LOL!

    I recommend "Writing the Blockbuster Novel" by Al Zuckerman and "No More Rejections" by Alice Orr. Also check out Michael Hauge's "Screenplay Mastery" at

    You're at the trailhead of an amazing journey. Enjoy the paths your choose!

  5. Thanks guys.
    Therese, thank you for the resources. I'll definitely check them out!