play time

I've just begun the busiest time of my year with 14 weeks of uni - essays, fiction pieces, readings. Add to that work as usual, job seeking, interviews/hope/rejection, writing the 2nd draft of my novel and of course my usual pumping social life (maybe not pumping, but you know I do stuff). Yeah it's bizay! And yet, all I can think of is play time. What am I doing that's just for kicks? That's just creative and not necessarily wrapped up in some intense goal or expectation.

Fun is always the first thing to go when life gets full, but it's the very thing that makes life worth living. I think I kid myself into thinking I don't have time for it. But truth is, it's just easier to zone out on fruit ninja for 20minutes rather than actually think about something interesting to do. 

Play time may eat at time that I should spend on that assignment or editing my novel or searching literary journals to send my stories to. But without it, I know that in a few months I'm going to feel dry as stale toast. Stale mouldy sad lonely toast. 

So though I don't think I have the time, I'm starting salsa dancing classes with Mat. I'm going to those dinner parties, I'm going on adventures with my little brother, I'm playing with the dog, I'm lying on the grass and making shapes with clouds, I'm marvelling at the colour of a flower, I'm writing love letters, I'm keeping a smile on my face and some joy in my heart. 

What do you do for fun? Any tips?


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