Christmas time

I'm on holidays...sigh. I'm staying offline for most of it, but I thought I'd drop in for a quick update. For Christmas, Mat, the most wonderful and thoughtful of them all, gave me a box full of beautiful handcrafted paper, soaps, ribbons and a gift certificate for a writing course of my choice at the Sydney Writers' Center. I can't wait to enrol!

On a similar vein, the novel is going... ok. I'd say I've spent about an hour, tops, on it in the last 8 days. It turns out that I couldn't turn away from Rushdie to finish my writing project. But I'm optimistic all the same, perhaps because I'm filling my days with beautiful words and imagery and old musty love letters, drives up and down the coast and long walks in the rain.

How many days of 2009 do I have left? Four! Well three really, as I don't suppose I'll be exerting myself in any way on NYE. Oh dear, my target of about 1000 words a day has bloated to 2333 words a day, starting today.

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