My first novel

I am so close, but so so far away from finishing my first draft of my first novel/la! I have 12ish days left of 2009 and 9000ish words to reach my modest target of 50 000 words.

I have never been one of those disciplined people who sets personal goals and knock them out of the park, so I feel incredibly charged and bewildered that I've come this far! And a very big, stubborn part of me wants so badly to get there, if only so that I can say: "Ha, imaginary people who doubted me, I did it!"

Due to my blas√© and fairly mental attitude toward silly little things such as, plot, structure, general logic... I would say that  once complete what i will have is a very strange and messy extended piece of work. I will reserve judgement for after I read it all together, but I know there is a long road of editting and fleshing out ahead of me, if I decide to make it work.

So can I write 9000 words it 12 days? Well this is the plan:

1. Tell everyone I know about my race to the finish line so that they start asking that annoying and challenging question: "Soooo, how's the book going?"

2. No more working on middle chapters - I can flesh those out later. Write to an END. Maybe write several ends and pick one later?

3. No more reading until I finish - Mr Rushdie will be my special treat to work towards.

4. If my body insists on continuing to wake up at 3am every morning I will punish it with coffee and writing - Hai yah! Take that cerebral temporal lobe!

Also, I plan on posting parts of chapters here. So keep an eye out and definately give me feed back. If you have lovely things and encouragement to share, please by all means comment! If you think my writing and stories are rubbish, comment anyway - I value all opinions, regardless of how foolish they are, hmph...

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