Bus Strike!

There's a bus strike in Sydney today, which has left 600 000 commuters stranded! It is very frustrating for a lot of people who depend on public transport to get to work. So I know that what I'm going to say is a bit controversial, but frankly I love a bit of industrial action!

I am one of those people who buses part of the daily journey to work, so I understand the stress of not know how I'd bridge the gap between home and work! But I think they should take action if the Government won't talk to them any more. They are not striking to upset the public; they want to get the attention that they feel their dispute deserves.

It's just so defiant and bold. I think that if enough people are willing to make a stand like, despite the public outcry, it may be worth listening to what they have to say? Unfortunately all you get from the media is "reporting" on the public whining about how inconvenient it is, and how bus drivers are being greedy etc:

I think we should be championing the little guy socking it to the ‘em. "You don't want to negotiate fair remuneration for the work that we do, that's fine we'll just stop showing up. Eat that!"

Maybe I just love the drama of it all? Maybe it just reminds me of the sweet elation of hearing the word's "teachers strike" in high school? Maybe there's just something about banding together and showing a united front for a single cause?

Can you tell I have a mother who marched in Anti-Apartied and Teachers Union protests? I love a good fight!

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