Two hearts disagree as one

I have the joy of being married to an incredibly attractive Englishman. Our love is deep and wide and free and blah blah blah, who cares right?

We disagree on just about everything. He wants a winter holiday to Canada, I want to go to Barbados. He thinks the floor is a handy and versitile storage area for clothes, books, cords (to mystery electronic items) etc, I disagree. He thinks I over-react and suffer from personality altering bouts of 'perspective loss' and irrationality - I disagree, vehemetly. And so it goes.

We have friends who get very uncomfortable when we talk about our disagreements, but to be honest I kinda like this trait of our relationship. There is security in knowing that there is love that does not require aquiensance or the meeting of terms & conditions.

Yes I think there must be compromise, or someone will die - likely him (see above) and many times (maybe once or twice) I have had to pick my battles. But disagreements are challenging, stimulating and a big part of the reason I fell in love with him. Disagreements with him have taught me that there are other ways of seeing things, that sometimes I am so very wrong (albeit very very infrequently) and that there is always space to grow.

Thanks for eight colourful months babe!

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