5 Things - Twitter

5 Things I hate and love about: Twitter


1. People who excessively and exclusively use their twitter to market their business and products. I won't buy your stuff specifically because you bore me.

2. People who start Twitter accounts and suddenly call themselves a "Social media entreprenuer", "Social marketing specialist". Sure this may be a legitimate industry, but having a twitter and facebook account with 1000 friends doth not a specialist make.

3. Exciting teaser, boring Twitpic. Ie: Teaser: "OH MY GOD, look what I achieved this morning" Twitpic: Five toenail clippings. 
4. People who have a cry at you for unfollowing them... oh so sorry for exercising my freewill and choice. I'm gonna follow then unfollow again, just so you can experience the intense pain of rejection all over again. Why can't you just put what you have to say out there and if people like it -Bonus- if not, no one's stopping you from banging on so enjoy your right to freedom of speech!
5. EXCESSIVE self-help quotes. Honestly if I wanted to be ridiculously inspired all the time I would follow Tony Robins and listen to "Eye of the tiger" while riding my exercise bike (in lycra) and reading Dale Carnegie.


1. Funny people having 140 character monologues.
2. That inkling I get that the celebrity/public figure that I just replyed @ and I are real life besties.

3. Instant venting!
4. The feeding of two of my favourite vices: procrastination and the transmission of useless information.
5. Twitpics that leave you wondering. Ie. Did that person only trim the toenails of one foot? I'm definately going to check the next time I see them.

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