Sex Spells give me hope

A couple of Saturdays ago I wrote 1000 words of my novel. I spent the morning in the library, hidden away in a little corner writing and hoping no-one would notice and/or come and peruse the selection of books that surrounded me, which apparently covered everything you need to know about "sex spells" and "sex astrology".

Okay honestly, how many sex spells can there be in the world? Because let me tell you there are an awful lot of books on the subject!

That annoys me. Why would anyone need to read a book on sex spells? Apart from obviously having exhausted the many other resources available to them in romance novels,  medical centres, high school pamphlets, anecdotal experiences and yahoo answers dot com? But not only that, why are there SO many books on this subject? Who publishes this? How niche can you get??

Well, okay, so it is.

I really wanted to say: "Go me, 45,000 words and counting" but what I guess I've ended up saying is: "If there's a market for rubbish such as the above, there must be a way to get my work published one day", and so I will cling to that thought like a mangy piece of driftwood when the tide comes in and I'm all but totally overwhelmed by the sea of rejection.


  1. sex spells, thats a first; but interesting . good luck with the book

  2. I know! If they can publish, so can anyone:)