smarty pants

Okay, I've not blogged for the last few weeks coz I been Bi-zay y'all. (Sorry, for a moment there I thought I was lil Kim...)

Doing what? Well, I shouldn't be saying this publicly, but I can't keep things to myself - I am after all a story teller, yes?

I applied for my Master of Arts in Creative Writing last week! I find out at the end of the month if I get into the course, or the Graduate Diploma (which eventually leads to Masters). If I never mention this again, you'll know that I did not get into either, so don't ask! But look, if I don't get in, I'm pretty set on doing this so I'll probably just apply again and again until I wear the admissions people down and they let me in, if only to end the ceaseless applications, which undoubtably will get longer and more passionate.

The thought of studying part time and working full time and having a life and functional relationships is rather daunting. I wonder what I will have to give up to make space for readings, assignments and such? I'm currently going through my old English Lit and Theory readings and notes (nerd), in the hopes of impressing everyone at uni with my vast intellect. I plan on dropping big fancy intellectual terms into everyday conversation (even when it's totally irrelevant and unhelpful).

Friend: Hi zz, how are you?

zz: I'm pretty down, my labour has no reward. It's just like Marxist theory posits that there are society is divided by those who profit from the labour of others and those whose labour profits others.

Friend: Um...

zz: "Um" is the vernacular utterance of uncertainty. It is a derivative of the onomatopoeia "Ho-hum" used by middle class men in the 19th Century. This reminds me of the uncertainty of Postcolonial discourse in the 21st Century.

Friend: Kay, got to go. (And by that they mean: Oh zz you truly are the most intelligent and beautiful person in the land, I wish I was more like you.)

zz: Kay bye.

Any of you study part time and work? How do you balance it all?


  1. Good luck! I've never had to juggle school, work and family, but my husband has, and he's marvellous at it! There were times when we didn't see him much (during exams), but for the most part, he made sure to be involved whenever he could - a tricky endeavour with a wife and 5 kids under the age of 7 while doing his Master's degree. I think the secret is to really be present no matter which aspect of your life you're attending to.

  2. How exciting! No matter what, it's your journey, your life. Enjoy the ride.

  3. Congrats! That is wonderful news! I'll be keeping my fingers & toes crossed.

  4. Tracy, that's no mean feat (especially the 5 kids part!), your husband sounds incredible! And that's really great advice.

    Thanks Terri and J. Kaye - exciting times are ahead!

  5. I used to go to school full time and work full time...I'm glad it's over!! I did nothing for fun. It was a horrible period in my personal life and work and school was the only thing I was trying to focus on.

    I did get more writing done during that time though...weird.

    Good luck though!! It sounds like fun.

    Any studying I do now is research for novel ideas. :)

    I'm glad you're back!!